Work In Progress - DSLR Quick Mount

I'm adapting the 8020 Quick Mount, as seen on the Constant Force Joints page, for a mounting a camera with a typical 1/4-20 mount. I need to swap the 5/16-18 bolt for a 1/4-20 bolt and redesign the Constant Force Washer and Thrust Washers for the smaller bolt.

 I thought it could be an easy swap but realize the pass-thru bolt would need to be captured when you remove the camera. I've added an threaded knurled thumb knob which feels nice when threaded into the camera.

There are still some tweaks needed but it's coming together. Should be ready to release it soon. 

As a side note, the Neon Yellow PLA used above, kept randomly stopping extruding. 3 hours of messing with temps, speeds and accelerations, I realized the filament had looped under itself and was binding after a few full turns of the filament roll. I pulled out a few feet and found the loop and pulled it out from itself and it fixed everything. Oh well, what else you gonna do.