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Constant Force Joint Phone Stand - build timelapse

My sister was interested in one of my phone stands for her iPhone, and asked for this slick blue and grey color scheme. I filmed the assembly at 10X speed and the gif was too cool not to share.

This design uses the following parts from my Thingiverse page:

If you interested in learning about the bearing joint design, I have a full write up here: Constant Force Joints - A New Use for 608 Bearings.


I'm available up on Twitter if you have any questions.


Build Timelapse

Assembling the stand at 10X speed. 5/16"-1" hardware for the joints with Stainless Steel Thrust Washers. The clip mounts using (4) 10-32-1" machine screws w/ nylock nuts.


finished phone stand

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Bonus Cats!

Nala, Starsky and Bandit slumber in the afternoon sun.

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