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The Ultimate Jig Knob

Working in the garage, I often find myself setting up jigs using 80/20, T-slotted channels, fabricated Aluminum brackets and 3D printed parts. 

In the past, I always found myself needing more knobs. I used Pronged T-Nuts for a while but I really wanted a universal knob that I could use for all my projects. 

I set about designing and refining these Knobs to maximize their flexibility. Early designs were too smooth, so I added knurling. Knobs sometimes needed to be tighter than I could hand torque, or became stuck, thus the hex shaft. Starting the knobs was a pain, so I designed a simple tool to socket in the back of the Knob.

I've come to love this design, and I hope these knobs find their way into your shop!

Download Files

You can get the files here: Thingiverse: Ultimate Jig Knob

Check out the features, specifications and example uses below.

Ultimate Jig Knob Features 

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3 Standard SAE SIZES 

3D Modeled threadforms for 3 common SAE sizes: 1/4-20, 5/16-18 & 3/8-16.

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Integrated 5/8" Hex Shaft

Built in 5/8" hex shaft for those times when you need it tighter, or looser.

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Integrated 1/2" Socket & Tool

Built in 1/2" socket on the rear with easy to build tool makes threading or removing the knob easy.

Metric Version Available Here:


Integrated 5/8" Hex Shaft

Built in 5/8" hex shaft for those times when you need it tighter, or looser.



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Router Fence and Spring Loaded Hold-down Wheel

Easy adjustment with several Universal Jig Knobs

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3D Printer Filament Roll Holder

Easily change the width of the rollers for different width filament rolls.

80/20 Miter Gauge

SwaP 80/20 extrusions for different cuts effortlessLy.

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Miter Gauge, Adapter Plate and Universal Jig Knobs

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Slide in 80/20 and Turn to Lock in Place

Quick Swap Table Saw / Router Table Extension

Quickly Changing the Out Feed Support Position

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1" Stand Offs Make the Knobs Easy to Access

Ultimate Jig Knob Tool

Tool Demonstration

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Hardware List:

Note: Your local hardware store will sell singles of the bolt and couple


Tool Assembly

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Complete Tool

TEchnical Specifications


Fig1: Universal Jig Knob


Fig 2: Threadforms

The Thread Design is based on a simplfied version of the British Standard Whitworth with an expansion factor on the overall hole size.


Thread Cutting

Why Tap a Printed Thread?

While the modeled threads are precise enough and toleranced to be functional after printing, it requires a very dialed in printer and thin layers, <0.1mm, to insure clean threads. The thread is a continuous overhang from start finish.

Tapping a printed thread allows you to print faster, thicker layers. I've successfully printed 0.4mm layers with a 0.4mm nozzle, though I recommend 0.2mm layers. 

Combination Drill and Tap Bits

A fairly new tooling type to market, Combination Drill and Tap Bits drill the pilot hole, tap and counter sink all in one bit. At ~$10-$15 for a set of 6, they are a steal. They will give you perfect threads every time.  

I recommend them for materials like plastics, wood and softer metals. I have broken one tapping 6105-T5 Aluminum - a 1/4-20 bit in the end of a 1010 80/20 extrusion - so use your traditional taps on the harder stuff. 



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