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Wrench Storage Carousel

Quick simple build. I wanted a more elegant and compact storage solution for the 12 wrench sizes I found myself using all the time. 

A 3/8"-16 x 9"long Threaded Rod forms the center post with 3/8" hex nuts jammed against each other to form stops and washers to act as thrust bearings. 

The Knob on top is an ornamental handle for carrying the Carousel, but other attachments could be swapped in like a cup for nuts and bolts.

The base is piece of 3/4" BC plywood, cut using a 4" hole saw with a drilled and tapped, 3/8" hole in the center. I tightened the nut and washer down to lock the threads. 


Combination Wrench Sizes:
1/4", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"
Open End Wrench Sizes:
1/4"-5/16", 3/8"-7/16", 1/2"-9/16"
10-11mm, 12-14mm, 13-15mm

Plans and Part Files:

You can find the parts and plans on my Thingiverse page here.

Wrench Storage Carousel 

A mp4 is worth a thousand words. Motion demonstration and removal of the wrenches from the carousel. The a tight tolerance in the Mid-Plate notches keep the wrenches from swing out.

Stability and Retention Check

It's surprisingly stable and the wrenches are still retained even if you accidentally knock it over


Wrenches Laid Out

Really shows how much you can cram into a small space


View of the Carousel & Wrenches

These are Craftsman wrenches so use the template to see if yours will fit.

Detail View of the 2 Carousel Plates

8 hex nuts locked together with 8 washers create the quick and dirty thrust washer setup.

Wrench Carousel.png

Inventor Rendering

Interestingly, I generated this after the fact to get the 2D view for the plans.


Plans for the Carousel with Part Quantities

You can find these in 8.5x11 PDF format on my Thingiverse page here.


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