Work In Progress - DSLR Quick Mount

I'm adapting the 8020 Quick Mount, as seen on the Constant Force Joints page, for a mounting a camera with a typical 1/4-20 mount. I need to swap the 5/16-18 bolt for a 1/4-20 bolt and redesign the Constant Force Washer and Thrust Washers for the smaller bolt.

 I thought it could be an easy swap but realize the pass-thru bolt would need to be captured when you remove the camera. I've added an threaded knurled thumb knob which feels nice when threaded into the camera.

There are still some tweaks needed but it's coming together. Should be ready to release it soon. 

As a side note, the Neon Yellow PLA used above, kept randomly stopping extruding. 3 hours of messing with temps, speeds and accelerations, I realized the filament had looped under itself and was binding after a few full turns of the filament roll. I pulled out a few feet and found the loop and pulled it out from itself and it fixed everything. Oh well, what else you gonna do.


Constant Force Joint Write up is Complete

Wow, 3 days to do my full write up of the Constant Force Joints. A lot of time was getting 3D models printed to have a sufficient demonstration piece to show of the the joints. It was a project just to show off a project. But I wanted a detailed write up b/c I keep using these joints in everything and having a page to point people too for future projects is invaluable.

I'd like like to get a math section or page for the Joints put together b/c there are some interesting things happening with the Axially loaded Deep Groove Ball Bearing and the Friction between the Thrust Washers and Linkages. 

Overall very happy with the presentation but I'll probably end up re-writing half the copy when I've had a good night's sleep. Oh, and the phone stand is pretty cool.


Router Lift attached to Table Saw

Over the weekend, I joined up the Router Lift to my router table/table saw setup. The table saw itself pivots on a really nifty 608 ball-bearing pivot joint I came up with. I did have to cut a hole in the top of the cabinet to fit the anti-backlash plate but other than that I'm pleased with the motion.

The dust collection system I have for the table saw has been a long time coming and I'm really happy with it. I'll do a full write up at in the future. I think there are some really cool techniques that might inspire other people.

The router table surface is a 1/4" A36 Steel plate, and 8020 1010/2010 Aluminum Extrusion for the frame. 

Anyways, just a preview for now.


3D Printed Dewalt 618 Router Lift First Look

Finished uploading some shots of the work in progress router lift. I still have to refine a lot of the parts and work on add a drive rod to allow changing the height from above the table surface. For now its something functional I can get feedback on.



Reverse-Engineering a Sewing Machine Gear is up

Finished the write up for the custom gear I made for a serger. Fun little project. You can find it in the project section. I still need to add the gear to but the Lifter Arm is there. 


Hello World.

Time to start putting this stuff out there for people to see. I've got a lot of cool projects to share that I just need to write up so you can expect to see more of them in the future.